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Hot Joomla Gallery module is incorporated in this template. You can see how it works on this demo site. Usage is very simple. You need to enter path to your images and your gallery is ready. Control other parameters to make your gallery works better with your theme.

Hot Joomla Gallery module by HotJoomlaTemplates.com is a fully configurable, simple gallery module, based on jQuery.

In module parameters, you have control over module display. You can enable or disable image descriptions. It's possible to change number of thumbnails. Images can be shown in "per name" or random order. Slide duration is configurable as well. Module colors are configurable. Unlike our other extensions, here you can't change module width and height. Module width and height are set automatically, based on resolutions of your images. So, please prepare images in a folder before publishing this module.


Open module parameters in Extensions > Module Manager > HOT Joomla Gallery. You'll see that some default parameters are already there. However, you should change some of them to accomodate module for usage on your site.

  • LOAD JQUERY: Select wheter to load jQuery library or not. If your template already loads it, you may disable this to avoid possible javascript errors.
  • FOLDER: Where your images are stored, relative to Joomla root directory.
  • ENTER DATA: Fill this only if you need photos with description text. Otherwise, leave this empty and photos will be shown without description.
  • SHUFFLE IMAGES: Select whether to randomize images order or not.
  • TIMER: How long one photo will stay on screen. Time is in milliseconds.
  • AUTO-SLIDE: Select whether to rotate photos automatically or not.
  • GALLERY COLOR: Enter module's border color.
  • ACTIVE THUMBNAIL BORDER: Border color of active thumbnail image.
  • DESCRIPTION TEXT COLOR: Self explanory.

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